Service flow


1. Preparation Get an idea for the item you want to make

You can proceed smoothly if you prepare the image of the clothes you want to create in advance.

  • Find images or photos similar to the clothes you want to make on the Internet, in magazines, etc.
  • Check out the case studies of sitateru.
  • Check out the product lineup on sitateru.
2. Registration Register and start getting a consultation

Log in to “sitateru” and start getting the consultation. Follow the instructions on the screen and send an initial message. Our staff will reply until the following business day.

  • * If you have any sewing specifications, please attach them with the message.
  • * It is possible to arrange a meeting with a sales person to have a face-to-face consultation. (currently available only in Japan)
3. Specification Form your idea

In consultation with our staff, you will be able to summarize the production planning and design. After you define your budget, type and number of items, time period, we will present an approximate estimate.

  • * consultation content will change depending on your needs.
  • Make a production plan

    Rough idea (T-shirts, pants, etc.) Number of items Delivery date Budget

    We can give you an estimate

  • Summarize the design

    Specifications (length, thickness, tack, collar, etc.) Materials (color, thickness, etc.) Accessories (buttons, zipper, etc.) Secondary processing (embroidery, print, etc.)

    Ready to make a sample

4. Samples Check the specifications with the sample before final production

Before the final production, you create a sample in order to check the specifications. We deliver the sample to your designated location, you check the status of the item and determine the specifications required for mass production. The final production will normally take about 2 weeks.

  • You will be charged for making the sample.
  • * If you do not need a sample, we will proceed to the final production.
  • * It is possible to make samples multiple times. (Each will be charged separately)
  • * We also make samples for clothing exhibition.
5. Production Final production and delivery

We produce the required quantity and deliver to your designated location. We will also send an invoice. Please confirm and proceed with the payment.

  • We start the final production after your payment for the sample is confirmed.
  • Once you place an order, you will not be able to cancel in the middle of the production process and will not be refunded.
  • * We accept requests regarding delivery forms, pre/post production checks, etc.