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Q. What kind of items do you make?

We are collaborating with more than 450 factories that make general clothing and accesories. Please check the “Item lineup” page for more details.

Q. Can I make a small number of units?

Yes. It is possible. Our minimum unit requirement is 50 units/pattern. Please see the image below to get an idea of the unit minimum details. We will try to accommodate your request as much as possible. So please contact us if you wish to make a smaller number of units (less than 50).

Q. Is it possible to do this as an individual?

We deal with individuals as well f there is no problem with certain conditions, such as number of units and budget. Please feel free to contact us.

Q. Is it made in Japan?

It is possible to make in Japan since we have many collaborating factories in Japan. We also have collaborating factories in China, South Korea, and Vietnam. Feel free to contact us for details.

Q. How long is the delivery time?

After the sample order is placed we take about 2 to 3 weeks to make a pattern. The sample making will take another 2 to 3 weeks. During a busy season, such as before an exhibition, the time might change case by case. After the sample delivery, if we receive your production order without any modification requests, we will deliver the final product in about 1 month. (It is subject to change due to factory availability).

The delivery time will be eariler depending on specifications or available factories. Please feel free to contact us if you have any deadline requests.

Q. Hom much does it cost?

It will vary greatly depending on the item and specifications. We will provide an aproximate estimate free of charge after a consultation about the item, number of units, your budget, patterns, fabrics, additional materials and so on. To aid us in the estimate it would be helpful if you can provide, design drawings, illustrations, photographs or sewing specifications. After confirming the specifications and making the sample, we will issue the exact quote.

Q. How can I pay?

We will send a delivery note and invoice on sample or final products delivery. Payment must be made by bank transfer or credit card within 14 days after delivery. If you foresee diffucilties in payment, please contact us in advance.

Q. Do I have to pay consumption tax?

In case you live abroad and wish to import from us, Japanese consumption tax is not applied.

Q. Do I have to pay duty?

Yes. You would have to pay duty to customs as well as payment to us. Please go over tax laws applied to your case.

Q. Can you also make a pattern (paper)?

Yes, it is possible for a fee. We will create a pattern based on the reference sample and design images. Please attatch instructions for details you wish to have in your design. We are able to make a pattern without a reference sample, however, it might not be a perfect match to what you imagine. Unless you provide specific instructions, we will determine the sewing specifications based on cost and other factors.

Q. Can I choose the fabric?

Yes, it is possible. If you do not have the fabric, we will suggest several fabric swatches based on your request. sitateru is collaborating with more that 50 fabric manufacturers. If you specify the manufacturer and the product number, we may be able to purchase it for you. If you already have the fabric, we will give you instructions on how to send it.

Q. How much does the member registraiton cost?

Member registration is free. Please register from “Try it now” then you will be redirected to the customer webpage. If you have any requests about items, estimates, etc., please contct us after the registration.

Q. When can I have a consultation?

You are able to send messages on the website 24/7. Our business hours are 10:00 – 19:00 JST (excluding weekends and holidays).

Q. How do I ask for a consultation?

You can send a messages on the website after registration. Our staff will consult you on topics such as fabrics, materials, design, sewing specifications, sizes and quantities. We usually make a sample first, then proceed to production after your confirmation.

Q. Can I meet face-to-face?

You are able to complete the whole process online or by phone without having direct meetings. If you wish to meet face-to-face you can come to our office (Tokyo/Kumamoto, Japan). However, please contact us in advance.

Q. What file types can be attached to a message?

You can attach image files such as PNG, JPG, Word, Excel, Power Point, PDF, PDT, DXF and zip archive files up to 50MB.

Please feel free to contact us with any other questions.

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