Manufacturing with sitateru


We strive to achieve an online garment production in collaboration with suppliers, domestic and foreign sewing factories and fabric manufacturers with excellent skills. We will choose the best factory/supplier according to customer’s requirements (item type, quantity, time period, etc.) from our database storing their features, quality ratings, and availability in real-time.

registered clients

sewing factories


types of items


We have a lot of production experience with a range of clothing from heavy clothing such as coats and jackets, light clothing such as shirts and to items that require special processing. On your request, we support the total production process including finding the best appropriate factory from our database of domestic and overseas factories.

The number of clients and collaborating suppliers

Since the service launch we have received more than 13,000 client registrations. We are collaborating with more than 700 factories and suppliers.

Production capacity of collaborating factories

“sitateru” is capable of producing both small and large quantity of units, unlike other OEM services. It is possible to start production at a minimum of 50 units at about 60% of collaborating factories. Also there are factories capable of large-scale production of up to 50,000 units.

Taking advantage of the factories’ off-season period

We store factory availability, that fluctuates by season, in our database. Using our production management system, we are contributing to the industry by creating new jobs utilizing the factories’ off-season availability.

Installing internet technologies to sewing factories

Our developed system visualizes the availability of factories in real-time. Most sewing factories are small size businesses and were not equipped with internet technologies until now. We make our system accesible to collaborating factories and support their technological improvement.

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